All Hazards Training Center Joint Marketing Collaboration

AHTC is Proud to Announce a Joint Marketing Collaboration effort with two dynamic, up and coming entities in the EHS Field


It is our distinct pleasure to announce a Joint Marketing Collaboration between the University of Findlay’s All Hazards Training Center and two outstanding companies that have recently entered the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Field. The two Companies are 1) StrataSite, a dynamic cloud-based Emergency Preparedness Planning Tool, and 2) Sentinel Occupational Safety, a High-Tech health & safety company that has pioneered a workforce safety monitoring system known as SafeGuard. Under this Joint Marketing Agreement, all three entities will work in various ways to spread the news about each other’s services and specialized expertise in the EHS Field.


Earlier this year, the AHTC Determined that one of our future obligations to our clients, and our Alums, as well as to other EHS audiences around the country, is to provide information on new approaches and solutions to old, and/or existing issues, problems, and concerns. By helping to keep all key players informed of new options, and new approaches, our goal is to add to the overall ability to keep people safe and preserve and protect the environment. This newly announced Joint Marketing effort is targeted towards meeting this obligation.


Our collective enthusiasm, as we enter this Joint Marketing Effort, can be further demonstrated by statements from the Leaders of the three organizations:


Jeff McGuire, Executive Director of the AHTC


“The All Hazards Training Center at the University of Findlay is proud to announce that we are rolling out joint marketing collaborations with industry-leading organizations StrataSite and Sentinel Occupational Safety, Inc. We are excited to discover the positive impacts that our joint efforts can have on the EHS world. Our desire is, together, to offer the best and latest training, planning, and response services and products. Our goal is to help produce a safer, better prepared American EHS leadership and workforce.”


Scott Lowry, President of StrataSite


“StrataSite is the only secure, cloud-based tool that enables the EHS community to collaboratively create, deploy and train around emergency response plans to address hazardous work environments, active mass casualty incidents, and large-scale public events. Our partnership with The All Hazards Training Center at the University of Findlay unites our organizations around the central theme of innovation – backed by years of experience – that ultimately delivers a more efficient path toward emergency planning and response.”


Zach Kiehl, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sentinel


Sentinel Occupational Safety, Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with The All Hazards Training Center at the University of Findlay. This partnership centers on the fusion of Sentinel’s innovative health & safety risk monitoring platform, known as SafeGuard, with the AHTC’s world-renowned training and education services. This partnership will bring immediate and lasting impact to the EHS community and associated workforce. Sentinel and the AHTC are united in their goal to produce the technology and training and education services needed to produce a healthier, safer, and more productive work environment.”


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