Better Tracking and Easier Calendars

This past Wednesday, the US Senate passed legislation that would roll back another Obama-era worker safety regulation. The rule in question helped track workplace injuries and deaths, with the aim of increasing worker safety awareness. While the regulation may change, Findlay All Hazards (and many Findlay colleagues) believe that continuing to track workplace incidents diligently is one key to reducing lost-time accidents, even fatalities. Tracking and reporting is one facet of good safety training, but scheduling that training can be as much a challenge as maintaining safe workspaces and meeting the demands of regulations.

It’s hard to insert training into a calendar already packed with day-to-day activities, special assignments, activities away from the office, vacations, and other items. EHS managers sometimes find they lose too many days to training, and other responsibilities suffer for it. And it can be difficult, too, to keep accurate records of which team members have been trained on what topics. To help simplify the training and tracking process, Findlay All Hazards recommends what we call an Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Training Suite.

In the suite approach, Findlay meets with leadership across your organization to lay out a training plan with the goal of condensed training days, while meeting all training targets with the least interruptions of production. You choose the training dates, and you’ll see how flexible Findlay can be.

Of course, convenient training means little if the content is not a full mix of what you need, and effectively designed and presented. Topics like Worker Protection, Hazardous Waste Management and Spill Control, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Hazardous Materials Transportation, and Threat Assessment Management can be combined in a training schedule that emphasizes the portions most important to you. This tailored collection of learning experiences is what constitutes the ‘training suite’. Suite training allows multiple topics to be presented in single training events. It addresses needs, and fills gaps, including departments like security and human resources as well as EHS. Findlay’s wide range of subject matter experts make this possible, where other trainers cannot provide such a panorama.

Every industry is different, and the selections of training topics and the balance of that instruction varies accordingly. Prior to each training delivery, Findlay trainers tour each location so they can include site-specific exercises and drills that make the training as applicable as possible for each facility. As Findlay All Hazards experts learn about your business and its plans, we show you how regulations intersect and overlap between departments. This perspective helps us analyze your training needs, so just the right programs are developed for your business.

One major-brand client identified a gap in their First Responder training and collaborated with Findlay to fine tune their Emergency Response Plan, and Findlay followed that step with a training suite that included Incident Management for their leadership group, Operations-Level training for hourly employees, and security training for leadership under their Crisis Response Plan. All of this was presented within a four-day period, and a site-specific ER Plan review and update was provided on day five. The client’s employees also wanted to receive parts of the training suite in a more flexible manner, so Findlay made portions of the refresher training available through online training modules.

An EHS Training Suite is a great way to streamline your training schedule, and keep your calendar from being devoured, while still getting a comprehensive program. Findlay All Hazards can tell you more today.

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