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Ask a high school student about careers in Occupational Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and you can expect a blank stare in response. That’s because EHS work is a career path only rarely included in any high school curriculum or occupational guidance, anywhere in K-12 education. That’s a shame since there’s no shortage of job openings nationwide; In fact, there are more jobs than seemingly can be filled. Opportunities are found in both the private and public sectors, and in nearly every type of industry. These may also include specific areas of focus, such as environmental protection, workplace safety, and health, security, and emergency preparedness.

Findlay All Hazards is a part of The University of Findlay, where EHS careers begin in the university’s Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Management (ESOH) academic program.

Findlay ESOH wants to help pre-college students understand what Environmental Health and Safety careers are all about, and is taking steps toward that goal with the help of Findlay All Hazards. Findlay trainers and educators have been reaching out to high schools with visits to their classrooms and by inviting students to visit the Findlay All Hazards training facilities for tours, activities, and special events.

One of these events was called Fear Factor, a fun competition between schools that included safety drills. Fear Factor was a hands-on contest that included props and equipment that helps students see what EHS professionals use in their daily tasks. University ESOH students, in a group called the Oiler Environmental Safety and Health Organization now coordinate the high school visits and competitions.

Findlay ESOH alumni can be found across the globe, and Findlay All Hazards trains EHS professionals anywhere. The demand for EHS knowledge grows as the occupation does. That’s why many EHS managers and staff seek an ESOH management degree or certifications from Findlay. The result is not only safer and healthier workplaces, but better disaster planning and improved emergency response for both workplace and community. And EHS pros further their careers in a job category with starting salaries now ranging past $50,000 annually. Read more about Findlay ESOH or contact Findlay All Hazards to learn more.

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