Hazmat Transportation Training the Covers All the Bases

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous materials transportation is always one of the key concerns of EHS managers. Chemicals, energy substances, and other volatile products and raw materials move from point-to-point by road, rail, and waterway every day. A hazmat journey might not only encompass thousands of miles but a range of weather conditions, such as we see this time of year – fluctuating temps, rapidly changing precipitation. All that can stress the transportation system.

Like all of the training workshops found at Findlay All Hazards, Findlay’s Environmental And Hazardous Materials Training And Compliance Programs train EHS staffs and materials handlers to anticipate the factors that could put a hazmat shipment in jeopardy.

The first step for our trainers is to learn about your processes and transportation means. Findlay training program developers are always quick to point out that no two clients are exactly the same. So why shouldn’t their training respect that? Findlay is quick to examine where your materials are moving to, what kinds of loads you handle, and what environmental circumstances might affect them.

Next, Findlay assures a comprehensive training experience that not only focuses on the prevention of transportation accidents but the proper reaction to such incidents, along with waste site management. Compliance is a key part of all instruction, of course, but Findlay recognizes that many clients want hazmat standards that exceed regulatory standards. So we train to the customer’s expectations, and can confidently consult on the improvement of policies.

Like other Findlay programs, hazmat transportation training is often conducted on-site at the customer’s manufacturing locations, distribution centers, or terminals. And a lot of hazmat learning is available now online, either via e-learning or live streaming presentations.

But for those who need to consolidate their transport teams in a single location for group training and interaction, Findlay’s five-acre training site has permanent setups for numerous industrial and transportation scenarios. Hands-on training has never been so thorough or realistic.

Hazardous materials transportation will always come with a certain element of risk. But there’s no reason that you and your team can’t control the process with confidence from the outset, ready to handle any occurrence and limiting incidents in the first place.

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