HAZWOPER Training That Includes Hazard Recognition


Typical Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training focuses on regulatory information and practical exercises. Findlay All Hazards sees that simple approach as a pitfall for organizations who are seeking not just compliance, but a safer work environment.

Why just learn how to react to incidents when you can also learn how to prevent them in the first place? Findlay brings a proactive perspective to its emergency response and incident management training programs, as well as to its OSHA-mandated 40- and 8-hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker workshops.

Findlay All Hazards’ HAZWOPER training puts more emphasis than others on the identification of existing and potential hazards in your workplace, no matter how diverse your locations might be.

One of the most common gaps in incident prevention is a lack of comprehension of important marking systems, like NFPA. Companies that train and re-train on how to make confident use of all hazmat marking systems always report less chemical-related incidents.

Minimizing risks and emergencies should always be a part of essential EHS training. And the second component is, of course, meaningful and practical hands-on exercises, so that you and your team are 100% prepped for any eventuality. “Hands-on” shouldn’t just be a catchphrase; If your HAZWOPER trainer does not offer an array of full-scale learn-and-practice workstations, as Findlay does, then you aren’t getting a training experience that truly emulates your own industry and your company’s locales. Permanent storage containers, vessels, piping systems and hazmat leak/spill simulations… Those are the kind of “suit up and get to work” resources waiting at Findlay’s Ohio training campus, and you may be surprised at how many of these tools can be transported to your location.

And since Findlay All Hazards has trained over a quarter-million people, across most of North America, we’ve seen more real-world situations than many trainers ever will. We find the best way to improve our workshops and custom training plans is by learning from our clients, which include some of the busiest chemical makers and transporters. Findlay trainers constantly take note: What has worked for this customer? What unforeseen hazards have crept up on them? How did they mitigate the danger?

Finally, Findlay’s trainers form-fit HAZWOPER instruction to your staff within the boundaries of your specific Safety Data Sheets, and teach you “6 Clues” that help you recognize a hazardous material, even if the expected identifying information is incomplete or missing.

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