OSHA Delays New Silica Regulations


OSHA has just announced a change in the timetable for upcoming enforcement of the new Crystalline Silica Standard, primarily aimed at the construction industry. The new regulation was originally slated to become effective on June 23, 2017, but enforcement has been postponed about 90 days to September 23.

The new rule, among other stipulations, mandates the creation of a written exposure control plan and requires employers to train workers on various means of limiting their exposure to silica. OSHA has delayed the regulatory start date because the agency feels that employers are not yet prepared to adhere to the rule. In the newly-created interim, OSHA says it will, “conduct additional outreach and provide educational materials and guidance for employers.”

The delay also provides employers added time to come into compliance with the upcoming standards for crystalline silica exposure. When the rule does take effect, it’s expected to affect at least 2 million workers at more than 600,000 work sites across the country.

Crystalline silica, is a clear danger in a variety of workplaces, as it can cause silicosis, a human lung carcinogen. Silica in the lungs forms scar tissue and makes breathing difficult. Silicosis also makes a victim far more susceptible to other lung infections.

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