OSHA’s New Reporting Requirements

OSHA Reporting Requirements

A new OSHA regulation took effect on January 1, 2017, that requires certain employers to change the way they report injuries and illnesses. The new rule doesn’t mandate any additional record-keeping actions or for companies to increase the amount of data they record when on-the-job injuries occur, or when man-hours are lost to work-generated sicknesses. It only means that injury and illness reports must now be transmitted to OSHA electronically and that some of the data presented to OSHA will be posted on osha.gov, in the hope that more transparency will encourage employers to keep their workplaces as safe as possible.

As stated on the administration’s website, OSHA has determined that such public disclosures “encourage employers to improve workplace safety, and provide valuable information to workers, job seekers, customers, researchers, and the general public.” Submissions from employers will be made via a secure website, with three options for uploading data, including an interface for those managers who use automated record-keeping systems. The new submission site is expected to go live in February.

The new regulation effects organizations with 250 or more employees, and organizations with 20 to 249 employees in certain high-risk industries. The new filing requirements will be phased in over time, and you can find out more at: https://www.osha.gov/recordkeeping/finalrule/

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