Sentinel Occupational Safety

Earlier this year, the All Hazards Training Center determined that one of our future obligations to our clients, and our Alums, as well as to other EHS audiences around the country, is to provide information on new approaches and solutions to old, and/or existing issues, problems, and concerns. By helping to keep key players informed of new options, and new approaches, our goal is to add to the overall ability to keep people safe and preserve and protect the environment.


In that light, we want to feature two companies in this Newsletter that have developed new and improved approaches to existing EHS Issues and Concerns. The First is Sentinel Occupational Safety, located in Dayton, OH.


Sentinel Occupational Safety is a health & safety technology company that has recently pioneered a workforce safety monitoring system known as SafeGuard, which was built in collaboration with Aptima, the US Air Force, US Navy, Lockheed Martin, and NextFlex. SafeGuard™ provides an intelligent guardian through its Safety as a Service™ offering to organizations that require workers to operate in dangerous occupational settings. SafeGuard leverages this problem by using the latest wearable sensors and AI technology to keep workers safe, compliance high, and costs down. Sentinel’s mission is to save and improve lives by predicting future risks. SafeGuard accomplishes this mission through personalized and predictive health and safety analysis. Sentinel has been working with the US Air Force and Navy to reduce safety incidents and increase productivity by 40% in their confined spaces operations. Applications of SafeGuard include lone worker monitoring, confined space operations, team situational awareness augmentation, gas detection, incident prevention, emergency response and evacuation, real-time communication and location monitoring, heat stress and overexertion detection, and contact tracing and COVID monitoring.”


For more information, see Sentinel’s Website at


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