Storms Like This Demand More than an Extra Shovel

Today, March 14, 2017, is just “one of those days” for much of the US. A day we looked forward to when we were younger is now a day we grapple with in our working years: A snow day.

At the time of writing, the northeast corner of our country is expecting a monumental late-winter storm, with predictions of up to 20 inches of snow in some of the most populous American cities. Thousands of flights are now cancelled and millions of Americans will not be at work or school today. Snowfall across the Midwest has already put the brakes on many transportation schedules, and the southern states have endured strong winds and rain. In the eyes of most city managers in the storm’s path, this week qualifies as an official crisis. And if you’re trying to run a business in the affected areas, you’re likely staring at some serious challenges. And of course, it’s just these kinds of situations where senior managers turn to EHS staffs for support.

How are your crisis management skills? Have you activated a contingency plan for the current conditions? Do you have one? Even if you are in an area that is not beset by severe weather, your operations are likely to be impacted by delays in supply chains or urgent demands for resources that supersede your own.

Crisis Management for Business & Industry is a Findlay All Hazards program presented at your locale. In this training, we teach you to recognize the conditions that lead to a corporate or civil crisis, regardless of whether the root of the event lies in the weather, an act of workplace violence, a pandemic, or most any other occurrence that can take your business or municipality off the rails.

And even when the genesis of the crisis can’t be spotted on the horizon, Findlay trainees are ready, thanks to the kind of contingency planning included in the Crisis Management workshop. Findlay includes not only your complete team in the training process (EHS, Security, Emergency Response, Senior Management) but we get you interfaced with local authorities and First Responders.

We also integrate Gap Analysis and recovery phases into this workshop, which is customized to your locales, your activities, and your personnel. The result is a Crisis Response Plan you can depend on, whether it’s an update to your current plan, or a ground-up build.

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