To Do a Good Job, You Need the Right Tools

Hazmat Simulation Tools

There’s a great scene near the end of the original Ghostbusters movie where Ernie Hudson (as Winston Zeddemore), upon apparently vanquishing one of the evil spirits, exclaims “We have the tools! We have the talent!” EHS managers don’t get to use Proton Packs at work, but they do need good tools and real talent to not only accommodate day-to-day demands, but anticipate future needs.

If they don’t train with the right gear, then that training is foreshortened. It’s very important that drills and exercises include the kinds of personal protection garb, metering devices, and hand tools that fit the actual tasks faced by environmental, health, and safety professionals. A lot of EHS trainers simply don’t have the tools ready for their learners. Their simulations are more like chalkboard descriptions than hands-on experiences. Training that relies too much on imagination leaves far too much to chance during a real incident.

Findlay All Hazards goes the other way. Findlay puts enormous emphasis on having and maintaining a thorough collection of real-world, full-scale props, tools, and simulators. When Findlay takes a group through a training exercise, participants are holding the equipment that they would use when controlling an incident or taking preventative measures in their own workplace, dressed-out in PPE that varies from simple Tyvek to ‘breathing air’. And when they are using a Findlay prop or simulator, they are tackling an environment that is actual, tangible, and of a size that replicates true industrial conditions.

All that is true, whether training at Findlay’s Ohio campus (with both a five-acre outdoor multi-station venue and an indoor gym-sized training space) or if Findlay All Hazards trainers are paying a visit to your location. And now that includes confined space entry training, with the introduction of Findlay’s new MobileConfined Space Simulator. Now, we can trailer a confined space challenge (with vertical and horizontal entries and exits) to your facility, letting your team learn and certify without leaving their home base or occupying any production areas.

Findlay has the training talent and certainly the tools, including those on wheels, to accelerate your EHS learning and improve your safety confidence through customized training programs. Contact Findlay All Hazards today to learn more.

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