Customized Training Programs

Organizations of all kinds strive to improve their preparedness through a ‘centralized’ approach. They seek reliable environmental, health, safety, and security training programs that are uniform for the whole enterprise, coast-to-coast if need be. They want a training partner that offers consistent development and delivery in every facet – environmental, safety, health and security.

To meet that demand for consolidation and consistency, All Hazards created customized training programs. We’ve used this unique approach in the development and delivery of customized and corporate-wide EHS training programs for major-brand clients, both on-site and online.

Customized training programs offer personal instruction in multiple North American locations, with a remarkable ability to match your EHS timetable and urgency. All Hazards trainers can work in numerous facilities in the same week if needed, and on any shift or weekday. Instruction is unique to various sites where it needs to be, so each facility team can learn only what they need, saving time. But uniform regulatory adherence, across all locations, is still verified.

For over 30 years, top companies with nationwide operations have made All Hazards their EHS trainer of choice. Among our clients you’ll find leaders in the automotive, petroleum, chemical, broadcasting, agrichemical, and freight industries. They start with us for our expertise and they stay with us for the long haul: Virtually every client that has entered into a corporate training agreement with All Hazards is still a client.

A typical customized training program could include any or all of the following components:


  • Training program design and curriculum development
  • Training manual design and production
  • Training video design and production
  • Development of training and/or job aids


  • Hands-on, onsite training at any location
  • Online training in synchronous and asynchronous formats
  • Specialized training at UF’s emergency response training facilities
  • Training can be conducted on different work shifts, evenings, weekends

Special Projects

  • Centralized equipment purchases, and package/kit development to meet a client’s individual needs, followed by corporate-wide distribution to facilitate training, response, or safe evacuation/escape
  • Targeted consulting on emergency plan development, continuity of operations planning, security plan development, industrial hygiene studies, confined space and respiratory protection programs, mock inspections (OSHA, EPA, DOT), physical security assessments, and workplace violence avoidance programs

Records Management

  • Documentation of training through individual certificates, wallet cards, databases, or other means of registration and certification
  • Complete corporate-wide records management including scoring of tests, tabulating results, capturing pertinent information, and providing periodic reports

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