First Response & HAZWOPER

We’ve been providing complete Emergency Response and HAZMAT training for public and private sector workers and for first responders and supervisors since 1989. This includes standard courses, such as the 40-hour HAZWOPER class, to specialized topics like Rail Car Response. All classes meet OSHA 1910.120 guidelines and incorporate extensive hands-on training, utilizing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools, techniques, and supplies required in the field. We also offer all pertinent refresher courses to keep your team’s knowledge level and certifications current.

And All Hazards goes further: We adapt or customize our Emergency Response and OSHA HAZWOPER training courses to meet your organization’s specific needs. For example, we develop and conduct training exercises, from tabletop to full-scale simulations, giving your employees an immersive training experience to enhance their learning.

All Hazard’s Enhanced Emergency Response Curriculum

Here are two ways we can enhance the standard HAZWOPER training curriculum. First, we emphasize the recognition and evaluation of potential safety problems in our course material. That focus on prevention, as opposed to just response and termination, helps your team minimize emergencies, downtime and risk to personnel. Second, our specially-equipped facilities, which feature realistic setups for a variety of industrial and transportation scenarios, offer hands-on training opportunities that really bring concepts and practices to life in such classes as:

  • Emergency Response Series: Awareness, Operations, and Technician Level
  • 40-hour OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Worker and the 8-hour Refresher
  • 3-day Incident Commander Course plus the 8-hour Refresher
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Series, including Intermediate ICS and Advanced ICS

Flexible, Customized Consulting & Services

Our depth of expertise allows us to flexibly adapt our established curriculum, or develop brand new programs to suit your needs. We’ll work with your staff to develop cross-disciplinary programs that combine emergency response training with safety training, security training and a wide range of hazardous materials management and transportation topics. Examples of successful cross-disciplinary programs we’ve developed are:

  • OSHA HAZWOPER Technician Training & Mock Emergency Drill for a Chemical Company
  • Public Safety Emergency Response and Incident Command Training (over 7,000 trained)
  • Emergency Response, OSHA Safety and DOT Safety Training for Major Universities (over 1100 certificates issued)

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