School Safety & Security

All Hazards provides comprehensive training for individuals and entire teams responsible for maintaining a safe learning environment at K-12 and university campuses. We take an “all hazards” approach, focusing not only on school violence issues, but also on day-to-day safety and security threats, including accidents and natural disasters. We meet with you to create a program addressing your school’s needs to reinforce safety awareness while enhancing your ability to plan for, prevent, respond to and recover from threats or violence.

We also offer important consulting services ranging from building-by-building physical security assessments to campus-wide vulnerability assessments.  We can help you implement Threat Assessment Management Programs, develop tabletop exercises and even conduct full-scale exercises and drills.

Proven Curriculum Is The Starting Point

All Hazards has developed and refined a school safety and security curricula that addresses the most common needs of the educational community. This encompasses a broad range of topics from dispute resolution training for university residence hall advisors to complete NIMS training for school administrators. All of this training takes place at your campus and is offered in multiple sessions to accommodate staff schedules. Our most frequently requested classes include:

  • Professional Development/In-Service Seminars on
  • Campus/School Safety and Security
  • Crisis Management For School-Based Incidents
  • For Key Decision Makers
  • Threat Assessment Management Program Implementation
  • AWR 148: Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents
  • Crisis Planning and Response for Educators
  • Crisis Response Plan Review and Gap Analysis
  • School Transportation/Bus Driver Training
  • Dispute/Conflict Resolution

All Hazard's Experience Is The Difference

Every educational institution has its own unique character and challenges, making the “cookie cutter” approach to safety/security training largely ineffective. That’s why experienced Findlay professionals will meet with you

to customize a program around your specific needs. We work directly with your staff in developing and delivering programs that can include any mix of the following elements:

  • Plans for Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Evacuation, etc.
  • Build community resources (law enforcement, public health) into plans
  • Develop a Threat Assessment Management Team to prevent crises
  • Recommend technology and equipment to enhance school security
  • Job-specific (administrator, teacher, SRO, etc.) training materials
  • Develop/Implement/Critique plan tests and full-scale exercises

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