Safer News Gathering

Reporters and technicians in all media types face dangers every day from natural and man-made disasters, unsafe work areas, and criminal activities. The people in the field need to be ready not just to respond to breaking news, but to get the story safely.

All Hazards has a customizable program called Safer News Gathering that can help your team protect themselves on every assignment.

Your team can learn Safer News Gathering at your station or news room. The training agenda can be customized to fit the needs of your market and most common story types. All Hazards can also present a tried-and-true comprehensive training program, applicable to the most common circumstances, dangers, and concerns found in everyday reporting.

​Workshop durations vary with your specific needs. Even so, Safer News Gathering is usually presented in 2 to 4 hours.

And, Safer News Gathering can be an Open Enrollment training session, one that you host for all local media partners or outlets. All Hazards can also make arrangements for an ‘off-campus’ workshop in your city or at our Findlay, Ohio, training campus.

Focused On What You Need

Safer News Gathering is tuned to your marketplace. All Hazards customizes each program to fit the risks that go along with the the stories you cover. We teach skills like:

  • Safely avoiding weather-related hazards
  • Confronting calamities like severe temps and floods
  • Safe approaches to spills, riots, and terrorism
  • Working in large crowds with safety confidence
  • Personal security and situational awareness
  • Protecting vehicles and ENG equipment 

Facility Security Is Not Overlooked

All Hazards’ security experts will survey your home base, remote transmitters, and ENG vehicles. Our assessment will list security risks you may have missed, and provide recommendations to improve the protection of your people and assets.

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