Emergency Management

We’ve been providing complete Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness/Response training for public and private sector workers, first responders and supervisors since 1989. We offer recognized baseline courses, such as National Incident Management System (NIMS), to specialized topics like Public Health and First Receiver Preparedness and Workplace Violence Avoidance.

We also offer consulting services designed to make your emergency management and disaster preparedness efforts more effective. We apply an integrated, cross-discipline approach where multiple responding agencies are considered and a variety of emergency scenarios are addressed. This includes accidents and natural disasters, toxic spills/releases, public health crises, even terrorist plots.

Proven Principles Adapted To Your Unique Needs

Effective Emergency Management training is more than managing the response. You also want your team trained on how to be preemptive and prevent emergencies. We help by emphasizing the recognition and evaluation of potential problems in our course materials.

This focus on prevention – as opposed to just response and management – helps your team minimize emergencies, downtime and risk to your personnel and the general public. It’s an important component of these classes:

  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Series, including ICS-300 and ICS-400
  • Public Health and First Receiver Preparedness
  • Emergency Response: Incident Command
  • Emergency Response: Technician Level and Incident Command
  • Designing a Crisis Response Program
  • Workplace Violence Avoidance
  • Crisis Response Planning

Consulting and Exercise Development

You need to know how well your personnel really understand your operating procedures and emergency response plans, and if they can apply them in the event of an incident. Findlay’s training exercises will help you answer that question. We assist with developing and conducting training exercises, whether you need help in the design phase, execution phase or in evaluating your performance and developing corrective actions.

We can flexibly adapt our established programs, or develop brand new programs, to suit your needs, as evidenced by these custom programs:

  • Simulated Terrorist Attack, Chemical Release Exercise (100 participants from multiple agencies)
  • National Incident Management System and Mass Casualty Decontamination Training
  • Emergency Response, Rail Car Response, Incident Command and OSHA Safety Training for Oil & Gas Producer (over 650 trained)

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