One of the recently-rising modern business catchphrases is “Internet Of Things”, or IoT. IoT refers to those devices that have been assimilated into Internet connectivity but were built for another purpose. For example, a laptop is a standardly connected device, but a refrigerator is not. Even so, that fridge might connect to the web so

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In the panhandle of Florida, and elsewhere, communities are working hard to return to normalcy after Hurricane Michael struck about two weeks ago. The damage is now estimated at more than $8 billion, though nothing matters more than the loss of life, of course. At Findlay All Hazards we think of how businesses work to

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At the National Safety Congress and Expo in Houston last week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced the ten most-frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2018. This is a preliminary list, tallied as of October 1. OSHA presents this list each year, and there aren’t a lot of variations, it seems, at

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