One of the recently-rising modern business catchphrases is “Internet Of Things”, or IoT. IoT refers to those devices that have been assimilated into Internet connectivity but were built for another purpose. For example, a laptop is a standardly connected device, but a refrigerator is not. Even so, that fridge might connect to the web so

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Last fall OSHA increased its emphasis on promoting understanding of regulations that concern hazardous substances found in agribusiness. As noted at EHS Today, the new OSHA initiative came in the form of a 90-day outreach period which the agency says is “an opportunity for employers to proactively seek compliance assistance to ensure they are adequately

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About 18 months ago, the results of the work of Associated Press reporters brought to light the apparent compounding effects of dangerous workplaces and older workers. Maria Ines Zamudio and Michelle Minkoff conducted research under a program called Working Longer, with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. In August of 2017, they presented findings

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