April Safety

The month of April covers essential safety topics including National Public Health Week and National Work Zone Awareness Week. These days bring awareness to the importance of the health of the general public and the importance of protecting work zone employees.

Public Health Week:

This week of April is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of public health and pointing out issues essential to having a successful society. At All Hazards, public and employee health are at the forefront of our values. This past year has reinforced the importance of public health and safety with the pandemic and the creation of the vaccine. Safety and public health are directly interconnected, and lives are the priority at the end of the day.

Work Zone Safety Awareness Week:

In 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States experienced an increased number from the previous three-year average. This week highlights the risks associated with being a work zone employee and highlights simple safety features to draw attention to the worker such as wearing orange. Additionally, drivers can be safer by slowing down, following posted signs, and stay calm because lives are at risk, and safe driving practices avoid accidents.


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